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We view scientific discovery as an important aspect of today’s world and therefore an essential part of our students’ educational provision. We are also aware of the importance of STEM subjects for employers, particularly with some of the region’s largest employers (for example DSTL at Porton Down and QinetiQ at Boscombe Down) being in need of apprentices with a good understanding of STEM. 


KS3 Curriculum

All students study science at Key Stage 3 and we seek opportunities to link scientific learning with important life skills, for example healthy eating and physical fitness. Students at Key Stage 3 work towards the AQA Entry Level Certificate in Science. This provides a foundation for those wishing to go on and take science subjects at Key Stage 4. This qualification helps students understand some of the core concepts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as providing a good grounding for the techniques of scientific research – designing experiments, testing hypotheses and gathering/analysing data.

KS4 Curriculum

During Year 10 all students continue to study all 3 sciences, developing cross-curricula links with subjects such as Food Technology and Sports Science, that they may choose to study Post-16.

In Year 11 we are flexible to the needs and ambitions of our students, and they can opt to take either a single science GCSE, for example in Biology, or to study for the double award in Combined Science. Students who choose science, as an option in year 11, can be entered at either Foundation or Higher level. 


Y10 Combined Science

All students study a cross section of Biology, Chemistry & Physics during Year 10, allowing them to gain knowledge to underpin their choices/options for Year 11.


Y11 Single Science

The flexibility of our curriculum, allows us to offer a single science GCSE, when this is the best option to support their Post-16 choices. For example, we currently have a Year 11 student aiming to study Animal Husbandry at Sparsholt College, but with no interest in Chemistry/Physics, so they will be taking Biology GCSE.


Y11 Combined Science

Students who join Brunel College with a strong background and/or interest in the 3 Sciences, or those who require Combined Science to support their Post-16 pathways, will study for a double award in Combined Science. 

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