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Brunel College holds the study of mathematics to high esteem, understanding its usefulness in future opportunities and its ability to improve mental health – “Engaging a specific part of the brain during mental math exercises is connected with better emotional health” according to a new brain-scanning study published by Duke researchers in the journal Clinical Psychological Science. Teachers at Brunel College encourage students to recognise how maths can be applied to ‘real life’, develop their confidence in numeracy and instil a love of problem solving.


Food technology and home cooking courses look at a broad range of cooking techniques and nutrition. Students start at the basics and learn to cook a range of meals, calculate nutritional profiles and gain comprehensive cooking skills. They look at nutrition and healthy eating, achieve qualifications in health and hygiene and complete their level 1 or 2 home cooking skills at KS4. The kitchen is a fun environment where the students learn to cook, clean and enjoy food. Cooking is an essential life skill, empowering them to make changes that benefit their health and wellbeing. Our Home Cooking Skills courses aim to give every young person the basic skills and knowledge to be able to cook for themselves in a healthy, cost-effective way, as well as gain the confidence to share these skills with friends and family.


KS3 Curriculum

In KS3 we go through a range of cooking skills and develop a solid knowledge of how to cook. We look at nutrition and healthy eating to develop a good range of simple meals that can be used in KS4. We aim to complete our level 2 in health and hygiene to gain a qualification to help with level one or two home cooking skills at KS4. We look at fun activities and make themed cooking at easter, Christmas and summer.  

KS4 Curriculum

In KS4 students can choose to take Food Technology as a course. We work towards a level one or two home cooking skills (Pearson’s BTEC), this involves developing the skills and set of solid recipes to take home. We cover the nutritional aspect of all recipes and prepare the students to cook a three-course meal. We also look at college courses and work experience for further education. 

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