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At Brunel College we believe that all young people are entitled to a well rounded and balanced curriculum which is why we have placed Art at the heart of our curriculum. Through the study of art students not only develop creative thinking but also, fine motor skill, independence, perseverance and decision making skills, whilst simultaneously boosting their own confidence and self esteem. Studies have shown that students who have access to a comprehensive arts curriculum show accelerated improvement in maths, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill.

Whilst creating a platform for self expression art provides an opportunity for students to develop a sense of individual identity and contributes to a sense of wellbeing which is critical in this rapidly evolving society.


"I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."
 - Georgia O'Keeffe

KS3 Curriculum

On arrival at Brunel College students have had varied experiences of art, and so the KS3 curriculum has been designed with building confidence in mind, whilst providing the opportunity for students to build an all round grounding in the subject through a series of skills focused activities.

Students will gain experience in working with a range of drawing, painting and printmaking mediums, as well as touching on 3D modelling and textiles, whilst developing an artistic vocabulary and understanding how artists have responded to shifts in culture throughout the 20th century.

KS4 Curriculum

Students opting to take Art at KS4 will be entered for either an Arts Award or a GCSE qualification dependent on their needs. 


Fine Art GCSE

The GCSE, is delivered through the AQA exam board, and is predominantly project based. The coursework consists of one major and one minor project; the minor project is teacher led providing the skills needed for students to work independently in exploring topics of their choice in subsequent projects. In the latter part of Y11 students will undertake a third project which will culminate in the creation of a piece of artwork produced under exam conditions.


Arts Award

Designed to support young people who want to deepen their engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills and achieve a national qualification. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible.

Arts Award can be achieved at five levels, four qualifications and an introductory award.

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