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Brunel College holds the study of mathematics to high esteem, understanding its usefulness in future opportunities and its ability to improve mental health – “Engaging a specific part of the brain during mental math exercises is connected with better emotional health” according to a new brain-scanning study published by Duke researchers in the journal Clinical Psychological Science. Teachers at Brunel College encourage students to recognise how maths can be applied to ‘real life’, develop their confidence in numeracy and instil a love of problem solving.


The development of numeracy and the development of sound mathematical reasoning are important life skills. Mathematics is embedded in the modern world for example, it is the foundation stone of technology, science and statistics are regularly used to influence opinions and choices. The learning and application of mathematics at Brunel College is centred on two core principles.


 One principle is to make mathematics engaging and accessible to all students wherein we build student confidence and independence, so they are empowered to engage with the mathematics that forms part of everyday life. The other is to ensure we are helping to embed a love of mathematical problem solving and provide opportunities where students are stretched and challenged to achieve their potential.


KS3 Curriculum

All students have dedicated mathematics lessons in KS3. We also look for opportunities to apply and embed mathematics skills across other subjects and practical based activities. We use a blended approach to developing our curriculum, as we draw from both the KS3 National Curriculum for mathematics and the Functional skill curriculum, starting with the entry level skills.

Our teaching and resources are adapted for individual students. All students complete a diagnostic maths assessment as part of their induction process which helps to inform teaching.

Topics covered include: Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Shape and Space, Handling data and Statistics.

KS4 Curriculum

Students who join us at KS4 will complete an initial diagnostic to help inform us of their starting point. We use this to  help support them to develop their mathematical skill and reasoning, with confidence. As students progress through KS4 we focus on supporting individuals to achieve the right mathematics qualification for them. All mathematics qualifications are assessed through examinations. Students will have exams wherein they can use a calculator and they will also have an exam in which a calculator is not permitted.



We follow the AQA GCSE higher mathematics specification for students who have mathematics GCSE  target of grade 6 and above.  



We follow the AQA GCSE math foundation curriculum for students who have a mathematics GCSE target of grade 1 to 5.


Functional Skills

In Y10 and in Y11 we provide opportunities for students to sit an NCFE Functional skills qualification at a level that will ensure the best outcome for the individual. 

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