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Private Fostering

Most children and young people spend some time away from their home staying with relatives and friends. In cases where children/young people may stay for longer period of time special procedures may apply.


If a child or young person is under 16 (or if disabled under18) and living with a family member or friend for longer than 28 days this is then seen as Private Fostering. This does not have to be continuous; if a child/young person is staying with family members or friends that add up to 28 days or longer in any period of time this may then be seen as Private Fostering.

Private Fostering is an arrangement made by the parent with the carer who has agreed to look after the child/young person on their behalf. In some circumstances they may not have agreed or the circumstances of their living arrangements raises health, welfare and safety concerns for the child/young person.


The Brunel College fully recognises its responsibilities regarding Private Fostering ensuring staff are fully aware on how to identify a child/young person and the circumstances around Private Fostering. This includes a duty to report any instances to the local Authority if it is believed the child/young person is possibly living in a Private Fostering arrangement. 


If you believe you may be involved in a private fostering arrangement, please speak to a member of the safeguarding team, or read the factsheet below for more information.

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